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Open Educational Resources (OER)


City College English Department OER Guide (Developed by Janelle Poe, Yolande Brener, and Julia Brown)
CCNY’s Open Educational Resource for English 110
Cohen Library at City College Open Educational Resources and Collections

OER Course Sites | ENGL 21001, Writing in the Humanities

English 21001 course site and syllabus in .docx format, 2018, Julia Brown
English 21001 OER, 2018, Pam Stemberg
English 21001 OER, 2018, Yolande Brener
English 21001 OER, 2108, Shamecca Harris

OER Course Sites | English 21003, Writing in the Sciences

English 21003, 2019, Pam Stemberg, Julia Brown, Gina Ryder, and Anna Voisard
English 21003, 2018, Debra Williams
English 21003, 2018, Pam Stemberg
English 21003, 2018, Susan Delamare

Textbooks and Guides

Open-Access Textbooks from the WAC Clearinghouse at Colorado State University (link in the right column). This series includes:

Resources for Teaching Online

The Online Writing Instruction Community

Open Educational Supplemental Materials

Attribution generator for OER:
Code of Best Practices in Fair Use:

Instructional Support

The Purdue University Online Writing Lab
Excelsior College OWL
The University of North Carolina Writing Center (Check out the “How We Cite” and “Why We Cite” videos on the Tips and Tools page.)
The UNC Writing Center’s Youtube Channel
North Dakota State University Center for Writers
MIT’s Peer Review in the Classroom: A Guide for Students
MIT’s Peer Review in the Classroom: A Guide for Instructors