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English 21002: Writing for Social Sciences Sample Syllabi and Assignments

Syllabus and Portfolio Requirements
In order to ensure that all sections of this course are focused on the same learning outcomes, we ask that you use the portfolio assignment as it is written with no more than minor alterations. Every syllabus must also include the information contained in the syllabus template.

Required Textbook

this course does not have a required textbook.

Recommended: FieldWorking: Reading and Writing Research 4th ed. by 
B. Stone Sunstein and E. Chiseri-Strater (Bedford St. Martin’s)

Syllabus Template
English 21002 Syllabus Template FA18

Syllabus Guidelines
English 21002 Syllabus Guidelines FA18

Portfolio Assignment
English 210 Portfolio Assignment FA18

Sample Syllabus and Assignments

Caits Meissner: Sample Syllabus
ENGL 21002 EC2 Fall 17 Meissner

Caits Meissner: Course Assignments
Sample Assignments